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If your theological system does not allow you to condemn genocide as always morally wrong, please pitch it and embrace the revelation of God found in Jesus Christ! Don’t begin your theology with Greek philosophical categories, begin with Jesus. And the moment your theology of God begins to not resemble Jesus, retrace your steps until you’ve found your mistake. Jesus is the doctrine of God. God didn’t give us a theological system — he gave us Jesus! Brian Zahnd

Liberal theology is not the opposite of some undefined “conservative” theology. Liberal theology is not everything other than that amorphous “conservatism.” Liberal theology is an expression of modernism. That is why liberal theology is no longer dominant. It didn’t lose a battle of ideas with some “conservative” opposite, it simply got all on board modernism and went down with the ship. Again, ‘liberal theology’ is not theology as done by people with ‘liberal’ politics

Love the sinner but hate the sinner is not only an unbiblical concept, but within the context of NeoCalvinist theology and its view of Total Depravity, it is incredibly harmful. Total Depravity is the extreme version of Augustine’s concept of Original Sin. If we are born inherently sinful, and that sinfulness is (as Original Sin argues) is passed down BIOLOGICALLY, then there is no separation between the sin and the sinner. Since then human fallenness is a natural phenomenon, a person who hates the sin also hates the sinner in Original Sin logic. Do You Hate Your Enemies Enough To Love Them?

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For Luther understands the cross of Christ in a quite unmystical way as God’s protest against the misuse of his name for the purpose of a religious consummation of human wisdom, human works and the Christian imperialism of medieval ecclesiastical society. It is a protest for the freedom of faith. With the theologia crucis there begins the Reformation struggle over the true or the false church, over the liberation of man enslaved under the compulsion of works and achievements. With it, indeed, begins a new relationship to reality itself. Jürgen Moltmann

Cruel theology is a nuisance. Cruel behavior is unacceptable. What came first, the thug or the theology?

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The dehumanising idea that illness is connected to sin is a common feature of religious thinking about disease and sickness in general. Periods of crisis, like this one, may empower religious leaders to speak openly about the way that their traditions understand disease, but these explanations are not the product only of such exceptional moments of crisis. They are, rather, deep, long-lived and fundamental aspects of how religious communities think about the sick among them. Both the leaders who present Ebola and other crises as divine punishment and the commentators who attribute this perspective to human nature under stress – and thereby excuse it – are participating in the perpetuation of a dangerous and destructive mode of thinking. Blaming Ebola on God’s wrath is worse than you think

Process theologians see Jesus as a reflection of God’s aim toward creative transformation, calling humankind forward from what is to what can become. Christ calls us to be open to God now and in the future. While God’s aim at creative transformation is present in all things, seeking beauty, intensity, and community, God is specifically present in Jesus Christ in ways that create a life-transforming field of force among those who hear his message. The interplay of divine-human call and response resonates in all things, but Jesus Christ’s life and mission creates an intensified field fo force that transformed persons in the first century and still transforms persons today. Jesus Christ ‘saves’ us, to use traditional language, by opening and empowering us to experience God’s vision for our lives in new and lively ways. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection do not transform God’s attitude toward us, involve Jesus paying ransom to demonic forces to liberate us, or require his suffering on our behalf in order to appease God’s wrath. Rather, as the model for what we can be in our time and place, in every century, Jesus Christ calls us to become fully human as we embody in a variety of ways our vocation as God’s healing partners in our world. Bruce G. Epperly

The people that I know who love, quote, and believe the Bible the most happen to be the least aware of the Bible’s concern with /critique of Empire. What is fascinating to me is that those who are most unaware of the nature of the American Empire (Imperial reign) are also those who claim to take the Bible the most seriously. E is for Empire

If N. T. Wright and Peter Kreeft want a syncretistic I Ching Christianity, then they need to make this clear and the rest of us can wander off and stop scratching our heads. We will just write it off as another off shoot cult of Christianity, and let it go. N.T. Wright, I Ching and complementarianism

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