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…Liberty U is the Christian Right, not the Tea Party. But that fundamentally misunderstands what the Tea Party actually is. It’s not a movement, it’s a brand. Or, more specifically, a re-brand that was formed in the wreckage of the Bush administration’s spectacular political flame-out when the True Believers badly needed to distance themselves from the GOP’s failure. It is simply the conservative movement in a tri-corner hat. And that movement, as Ronald Reagan described it, famously sits on a tri-legged stool of traditional values, strong defense and small government. How those issues are emphasized is a matter of the political zeitgeist of a given time. Tea Party’s great dunce-off: How Ted Cruz is quietly kicking Rand Paul’s butt

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conservativelibertarian88 asked: I'm sorry you've met such terrible people. I believe you have the tea party all wrong. All we won't is a return to the constitution, smaller gov't, less taxes, and less American involvement in foreign countries. We don't hate gays or blacks.

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While I don’t think there exists an abundance of overt racism with tea party folk, there are layers of racism and institutional, structural, legacy and systemic racism still persist in the 21st century. And some policies supported by tea party faithful, in my view, uphold and buttress those more hidden, unconscious racist themes. It’s a theme better explored in a more lengthy exposition and not one I shall tackle in this reply but let’s just briefly examine a few of the tenets you enumerate:

"return to the constitution"

The Constitution that codified and sanctioned slavery, and actually treated as bonus (+ 0.6 electoral voting power per non-voting slave) property with provisions to return escaped souls under threat of judicial penalty? Oh, that was amended, I know, but still, much racism and xenophobia are still encoded into our national legal charter. What constitution in what year? With which parts excised as not being truly “constitutional” as deemed by only tea party patriots? And just issuing a blanket “return to the Constitution” serves as a vague clarion call to go back to the “good old days”, when women, “the gays”, “people of color”, etc. knew their place. :(

smaller gov’t

I hear this refrain but then I see the tea party contingent is comprised of plutocrats like the Kochs, who have no need of government assistance, but certainly fattened on government largess, just as any industrial overlord profited from. Or affluent or working class tea party sympathizers that feel the government benefits they receive are justified, but that “those [other] people” just abuse the system. Retirees riding around on Medicare approved scooters decrying government involvement in healthcare, for example.

Dear haters, you are the cruel, heartless misinformed assholes who would sell America out to Haliburton in a heartbeat, you would rather pay ZERO taxes than you would see a newly born baby get access to quality health care, you cheer when we discuss denying health care to young people with preventable diseases, and you boo when we discuss the First Ladies plan to cut back on childhood obesity. You are a cross to carry and a flag to wrap yourself in away from being the people who Sinclair Lewis warned us about, but I guarantee that if Fox News told you to dress that way you would, because you are the same blind, ignorant and closed minded dunces who drove this country into a civil war years ago because you are bound to the notion that some men are more equal than others. In short, the reason I proudly wear my union army hat is because of seditious sell outs like you who constantly fuck over working class Americans so a foreign entrepreneur like Rupert Murdoch can get a bigger tax break. If corporations are people, they are neither American patriots nor capable of love. Just like you. An open letter to the people who hate Obama more than they love America

I don’t even think you want America to win wars, you just want America to have wars, never ending wars and the war profiteering it generates. You love that kind of spending, you love spending on faith based initiatives and abstinence based sex education (George Carlin would have loved that one), you love spending on subsidies for profitable oil corporations, you spend like drunken sailors when you are in the White House, but if it is a Democrat then suddenly you cheer when America doesn’t get the Olympics because it might make the black President look bad. But oooh you love your country, you say, and you want it back. Well listen here skippy, it isn’t your country, you don’t own it, it is our country, and America is NOT the religiously extremist Foxbots who hate science, elitist professors and having a vibrant and meaningful sex life with someone we love if Rick Santorum doesn’t approve of it. Rick Santorum isn’t running for America’s fucking high school dance chaperone, he should probably just shut the hell up about sex, but he can’t because he has nothing else to run on. An open letter to the people who hate Obama more than they love America

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Nevertheless, I think that we are all Jeffersonians today to the extent that we are dismayed at how the country has become the servant of Big Money. This is certainly a central Tea-Party concern in the high Jeffersonian tradition. The best Jeffersonians understood how money and power tend to aggregate in the hands of fewer and fewer people, and how its doing so destroys and corrupts governments. They were legitimately and presciently concerned about how industrialism was creating a new class of wage slaves. But their response was, to use an anachronism, Tolkienesque. They idealized Shire-like, agriculture-centered small towns, in which there was none of this infernal, greedy, powermad striving. The Jeffersonians hated industrialism, and just wanted it to go away, and if the North wanted to destroy itself, so be it, but leave them out of it. They would do everything they could to protect their verdant Shire from the soul-destroying forces being unleashed in the North. The Tea Party and the Mythos of ‘Real’ Americans

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