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I’ve spent the past five years trying to craft arguments that stand up to scrutiny and to convince people to think more critically about their beliefs; Beck has done the exact opposite and tens of millions of Americans breathlessly await his every conspiracy-fueled sentence. He knows what the American people want. kohenari

I see Obama as Sisyphus in the first four years, and nobody would speak about the size of the rock, or the elevation of the hill. All you hear people talk about is what he didn’t do. To come from what he has asked to take over and do in the time, to behave as an American, to put up with those, who were, in my estimation, acting very un-American to get rid of those people, it took longer than patience should allow, but he tried to bring us together, even to argue with radio hosts and people who have nothing to do with anything. It’s important that this man has had to fight a similar battle of a black person in America. Hundreds of thousands and millions of people still behind him, but people who are very quietly acting like they have no idea what he inherited. It’s as if he had the surplus, when he moved into office, and this is — this is sad. And it’s sad about them. Because they know that they have misbehaved. They know they’ve taken America and slowed down the progress, and there are statements that are very clear in saying as much. I don’t want this man to succeed. Well, why, said the brown fly? Bill Cosby

Limbaugh often cites Reagan and Buckley as his ideological mentors. It’s hard to imagine those men, or Goldwater, descending to the depths of Limbaugh’s awfulness. But Limbaugh is dead right about the origins of the freedom flag that he waves so furiously. It was fashioned in the early 1960s by his heroes, men with sadly stunted moral imaginations. Since then it has been stained, time and again, by moral cowardice. Conservatives surely know this sorry tale, yet they never learn from it. Which is why they always end up on the wrong side of history. To do the same thing over and over and expect different results–isn’t there a word for that? How Do You Like It Now, Republicans?

Oh, sure, your average conservative will insist his belief system is based upon a passion for the free market and limited government, but that’s mostly a cover story. Instead, the vast team-building exercise that has driven the broadcasts of people like Rush and Hannity and the talking heads on Fox for decades now has really been a kind of ongoing Quest for Orthodoxy, in which the team members congregate in front of the TV and the radio and share in the warm feeling of pointing the finger at people who aren’t as American as they are, who lack their family values, who don’t share their All-American work ethic. Matt Taibbi

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