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I consider the “Tea Party Movement” to be one of the most brilliant sociological ploys. Perhaps unmatched since a million poor white southern farmers were talked into eagerly and courageously fighting to the death, in order to protect the feudal privileges of a tiny, slave-holding aristocracy. Yes, it is that impressive. Get them to think they are fighting for one thing, while dying for something else. Likewise, by holding up and waving an obsolete and irrelevant old “left-right political-axis,” today’s feudal lords have managed to stir Red America into a frenzy of unparalleled rancor toward every single group or profession that has both knowledge and professional skill — from scientists to teachers, civil servants, academics, medical doctors, attorneys, diplomats, skilled labor… amounting to a “war on smartypants.” David Brin

There is a vast body of literature drawn from sociology and psychology that debunks the rational, self-interest theory of human behaviour. Economists ignore this research because they rather think they know more about the human mind than any of branch of the social sciences. Government deficits are the norm

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