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Capitalism seeks to grow the economy while managing inequality. Democratic socialism seeks to secure economic well-being while rearranging the power and productive relationships that create inequality. The latter is neither a panacea nor a utopia. It is, ultimately, a less grotesque analogy of God’s beloved community than the former. America, we can do better than capitalism — let us choose a more equitable, efficient, and excellent way. Towards a Socialist America

The U.S. military is a socialist paradise. Imagine a testing ground where every signature liberal program of the past century has been applied, from racial integration to single-payer health care—then add personal honor, strict hierarchy, and more guns. Like all socialist paradises, the military has been responsible for its share of bloodshed, but it has developed one of the only working models of collective living and social welfare that this country has ever known. Troops of the Uniform Unite! The Military Is a Socialist Paradise!

Socialism is not a flight from the human condition; it’s a direct and unsentimental confrontation with that condition. Death and Taxes

If we are going to achieve real equality, the United States will have to adopt a modified form of socialism. Martin Luther King

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