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The German church that abandoned Dietrich Bonhoeffer and backed Hitler was ready to work with the Nazis because they believed that the Nazis were upholding Christian morality. In other words they believed that fascism upheld the right of faith-based institutions to “set and adhere to standards which derive from our shared framework of faith,” say the right to persecute “Christ-killing Jews,” “degenerate homosexuals” and “vagabond Romani People” (Gypsies). Gordon College Expels Dietrich Bonhoeffer Because He’s Gay — Christianity Today Magazine Won’t Hire Him Either…

If evangelical Christian leaders want to remain in power, they would be wise to listen to some of the younger members of their churches, many of whom feel the same way about the pick-and-choose battles as we do. But they won’t. And those younger Christians will have no choice but to leave their churches if they want to avoid the negative association. Conservative Christians Are Losing the Culture Wars and They Don’t Seem to Understand Why

…supporters of Hobby Lobby think they are helping the Christian faith but are actually harming it. In fact, a ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby weakens religious freedom. When anyone can use religion to claim an exemption on anything, religion loses meaning. Rather than a personal belief embedded in our souls, faith would become a set of arbitrary rules any corporation could choose from to skirt the law. If Hobby Lobby Wins, Pro-life Christians Lose

As for the religious right, it’s the Tea Party/Fox News netherworld now. Politics has replaced religion altogether. Hard right politics are alive and thriving but less to do with Jesus than with the Koch brothers, Ayn Rand and American jingoism– with a dose of libertarian “Don’t Tread on Me!” selfishness thrown in. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to my Execution for Heresy…

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…Douthat’s column reveals a deeply broken southern religious culture; one in which too many churches spend more time bemoaning an alleged deterioration of society’s moral fabric than they do focusing on the One who redeems us from our personal deterioration. The Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, and Cultural Christianity in the Deep South

The religious right has lost the national battle over whether or not LGBT Americans deserve full equality, so much so that efforts to take their rights away elicit scorn and ridicule. And this loss is on the front lines of the fundamentalist war which has been waged in this country for decades. The battle over gay marriage, and equality for all, is over. And evolving public opinions on other hot-button issues, such as abortion and creationism, show that the religious right’s national political hold is over. Sure, rural and exurban pockets of America will continue to champion religiously-motivated policies backed by fear and hatred, and those who represent such fears will continue to be elected. But those pockets, be they in Georgia or Minnesota, are being consolidated, rather than spreading. Those Sounds You Hear? They Are the Death Pangs of the Religious Right

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