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It’s worth noting that religious fanaticism is spreading in the West as well, as democracy erodes. The US is a striking example. There are not many countries in the world where the large majority of the population believes that God’s hand guides evolution, and almost half of these think that the world was created a few thousand years ago. And as the Republican Party has become so extreme in serving wealth and corporate power that it cannot appeal to the public on its actual policies, it has been compelled to rely on these sectors as a voting base, giving them substantial influence on policy. Noam Chomsky

ininterestingtimes said: From post; against stupidity, it states that the 'average everyday evangelical Christian is not simply itching for his chance to take over the government and impose theocratic law'. It is here I come to you asking what you think a reasonable interpretation of; average every day evangelical Christian, might be. Taking evangelical christian to mean the Christians interested in evangelizing, and given the strength of the social conservative vote, how do you square any type of support for this post?

A response to this quote post.

First, I would self-describe as an evangelical — the word, in its purest form, means believer of the Gospel (actually, “good news”), from the Greek word ευανγελιον. And I can certainly attest that in no way or manner do I “itch” to “take over the government and impose theocratic law upon a nation of vile unbelieving reprobates”.

I realize the connotation of this word evangelical can invoke a wide swath — from those in more of a neofundamentalist mold to the theologically liberal (another word with a vast range of connotation). Understood, that you’ve refined the definition to “evangelizing” (which I believe falsely precludes non-conservatives) “social conservatives”. And yes, I can see how some tenets of the social conservative block, especially the religious right, would strike you as in alignment with imposing “theocratic law”. However, while there certainly is a segment of religious conservatives that wish for some variant of theocratic legal imposition, most dress their case with “natural law” appeals and find abhorrent any mode of governance that coerces followers or punishes apostasy or heresy with the sword (literally or figuratively).

While I don’t see eye to eye with the author on many political aspects, I am sympathetic to the points driven by the article author — the dismay of the prevalence of culpable ignorance, in an age with so much knowledge just a finger tap away. And no political group is immune to this infection, even if I acknowledge that the level of culpable ignorance is significantly higher in the current “conservative” circles online.

The German church that abandoned Dietrich Bonhoeffer and backed Hitler was ready to work with the Nazis because they believed that the Nazis were upholding Christian morality. In other words they believed that fascism upheld the right of faith-based institutions to “set and adhere to standards which derive from our shared framework of faith,” say the right to persecute “Christ-killing Jews,” “degenerate homosexuals” and “vagabond Romani People” (Gypsies). Gordon College Expels Dietrich Bonhoeffer Because He’s Gay — Christianity Today Magazine Won’t Hire Him Either…

If evangelical Christian leaders want to remain in power, they would be wise to listen to some of the younger members of their churches, many of whom feel the same way about the pick-and-choose battles as we do. But they won’t. And those younger Christians will have no choice but to leave their churches if they want to avoid the negative association. Conservative Christians Are Losing the Culture Wars and They Don’t Seem to Understand Why

…supporters of Hobby Lobby think they are helping the Christian faith but are actually harming it. In fact, a ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby weakens religious freedom. When anyone can use religion to claim an exemption on anything, religion loses meaning. Rather than a personal belief embedded in our souls, faith would become a set of arbitrary rules any corporation could choose from to skirt the law. If Hobby Lobby Wins, Pro-life Christians Lose

As for the religious right, it’s the Tea Party/Fox News netherworld now. Politics has replaced religion altogether. Hard right politics are alive and thriving but less to do with Jesus than with the Koch brothers, Ayn Rand and American jingoism– with a dose of libertarian “Don’t Tread on Me!” selfishness thrown in. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to my Execution for Heresy…

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