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Tell us again how the Palestinians are supposed to act when they are, for all intents and purposes, being exterminated. Israel is doing to them exactly what America did to Native Americans. Bit by bit, parcel by parcel, village by village, they’re being exterminated and expunged. The Erosion of Palestine

At some point the lightness with which we treat Palestinian suffering compared with Jewish suffering needs to be addressed as an urgent moral matter. The United States is committed to human rights, not rights scaled to one’s religious heritage or race. Understanding The Permanence Of Greater Israel

The Christians in the west, most of them, they don’t know the realities here. They don’t know who is occupying who, who is oppressing who, who is confiscating whose land, who is building walls to try and separate people from one another… Alex Awad

Over the past 14 years, Israel has killed Palestinian children at a rate of more than two a week. There seems to be no Israeli child in harm’s way that Barack Obama will not compare to his own daughters, but their Palestinian counterparts are brushed aside with mantras about Israel’s right to self-defence. The institutionalised disregard for Palestinian life in the West helps explain not only why Palestinians resort to violence, but also Israel’s latest assault on the Gaza Strip. Institutionalised Disregard for Palestinian Life

There’s no conceivable way to make sense of killing kids. And anyone who responds to this horrific crime by saying “But Israel …,” or pointing out that the Israeli government does terrible things too, or whatever else would really do well to consider that the thing attempting to be excused or explained away is the kidnapping and murder of three kids that happened for no other reason than to kidnap and murder three kids. It doesn’t prove anything about your position on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and it can’t be excused by that conflict. It’s just more senseless, horrific violence. Ari Kohen

Jesus invites his followers to choose nonviolence in a world of violence. This may seem irrational for some, but it is one of the central aspects of what it means to be a disciple. He takes it further than nonviolent resistance when he also invites us to “love your enemies” or as Tent of Nations says: “We refuse to be enemies.” Peace means that we become a people who love everyone, even the people we might be inclined to hate. We Refuse to be Enemies: The Next Dr. King or Gandhi lives in Palestine

I take conservative politicians and Christian leaders on Middle East trips from time to time. They go in very pro-Israel and fairly clear about what’s right and what’s wrong. Then they actually meet people in Lebanon. They meet Palestinian Refugees there. They didn’t even know there were Palestinian refugees. Then we travel to the West Bank and they see checkpoints and a huge wall and Israeli soldiers and hear real stories from real Palestinian people who are being hurt and oppressed….and….my friends get angry. Carl Medearis

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