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I recommend the film for two reasons. The primary metaphor of confined class struggle is explored in different ways. When resources are scarce, or you are at war, what is the best way to govern? It’s no surprise those at the front of the train, who live in luxury, force the belief that where you are born on the train is where you must stay. The second reason I recommend the film is because of its many thoughtful flourishes rarely seen in American action films. Although the film is violent, there are moments when things slow down to capture a snowflake floating by, or the curious handling of a large fish by soldiers just before an awful fight is about to begin. There is a patience and craft at work here that’s hard to ignore. The performances are good, there are surprises and some fantastic sets that take on the challenge of how 1000 people could survive on a train for 20 years. Snowpiercer: Movie Review

I left the movie theater wandering how a film with so many explosions could be so utterly boring. Stop Reviewing Bad Movies

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It might be true that “liberal elites” are more contemptuous of the fervently religious than 50 years ago, but it’s the hysterical rants and exaggerated boy-who-cried-wolf claims of movies like this that fuel this disdain. Persecuted is a ludicrously mushy political thriller, but the fact that it can find an audience is downright terrifying. ‘Persecuted’ Is the Christian Right’s Paranoid Wet Dream

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…at the end of the day America isn’t really about history or narratives, it’s about arguing that any change in economic policy favoring the poor can only be traced back to people hating the United States of America. Dinesh D’Souza’s America: Imagine a World Without It

Perhaps the next incarnation of the film will explore more of the deep social and political issues evident in Pierre Boulle’s original story. Rod Serling’s Planet of the Apes script metamorphosis

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…every time a movie like this hits the theater, many conservative evangelicals want it to closely follow the biblical text for purposes of “accuracy,” but if Ridley Scott brings that view of accuracy to the table, what you are left with is a brutal man and a movie unfit for families. Will “Exodus: Gods and Kings” Sanitize Moses?

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