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But McCain is not a prescient foreign-policy analyst, and newspapers should stop giving him a platform to confidently assert what will happen next in geopolitics. He thinks he knows his stuff. But his track record shows that he’s emphatic in his pronouncements even when he is utterly, catastrophically wrong. Why Do Newspapers Keep Publishing Op-Eds by John McCain?

In other words, McCain hasn’t just been wrong about Iraq. He has been stubbornly, willfully deluded about both of the biggest foreign policy blunders of the last fifty years. Like the mythology surrounding the “surge” itself, the fantasy that the U.S. had the Vietnam and Iraq wars won is what people feel compelled to believe because accepting the alternative is too unpleasant. Pretending that the U.S. “won” in Iraq or believing that the “surge” wasn’t a failure on its own terms might provide some necessary political cover for war supporters that don’t want to admit that they endorsed a disastrous policy, but we shouldn’t take it seriously as a description of what happened. Maybe Hirsh’s profile is supposed to make us think that McCain isn’t the reflexive, unthinking interventionist that we know him to be, but it just confirms that his judgment can’t be trusted. McCain’s Horrible Foreign Policy Judgment

We wondered whether the Five Brothers, the nickname for the Romney sons, could handle the constant drinking and swearing that went on in our campaign - the press corps included. Not to mention all the tawdry stories about crazy-sex you never read about. Meghan McCain

…if you think those lobbyists are working day and night for John McCain just to put themselves out of business, well, then, I’ve got a bridge to sell you up in Alaska. Barack Obama

Surely Palin knows no more about Pegler than she does about the Bush doctrine. But the people around her do, and they will be shaping a Palin presidency. That they would inject not just Pegler’s words but spirit into their candidate’s speech shows where they’re coming from. Rick Davis, the McCain campaign manager, said that the Palin-sparked convention created “a whole new Republican Party,” but what it actually did was exhume an old one from its crypt. Frank Rich

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