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Too often we dehumanize others through silence and exclusion because we find our primary identities in those represented around us—whether it’s racial, socioeconomic, religious, or a myriad of other identity markers. We live in neighborhoods with those who are like ourselves. We dine with those who share our interests. We worship alongside those who proclaim our particular brand of belief. When we’re like those who surround us, we feel important and included. We may even feel entitled to what we’ve received. Such homogeneity puts us in danger of making Christ in our image rather than conforming to His. We put our identity on Christ rather than taking on His. If we ignore the voices of those on the margins, we dismiss the very place from which Jesus spoke. Beware: sometimes it’s just too easy to buy the Coke because your name is on it. This Coke’s [Not] For You: Life on the Margins

I had decided, as George Orwell and James Baldwin did earlier, to use my writing as a weapon. I would stand with the oppressed. I would give them a voice. I would describe their suffering and their hopes. And I would name the injustices being done to them. It was a decision that would send me to war for two decades, to experience the worst of human evil, to taste too much of my own fear and to confront the reality of violence and random death. Chris Hedges

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Christianity, to my mind, is about love and love alone — the love that God has for us, the love that transforms us and makes us love God and everyone else. When you are baptized, you are uniting yourself to that Jesus Christ who loved you so dearly, and you are simultaneously announcing to the world that you intend to love others in the same way. It means dying; it means being trampled; but it is what God demands, because that is what his nature is, to love. What is Christianity?

God doesn’t give us ten more commandments. God doesn’t give us more law or rules to obey. He gives us a person to follow. How Do I Know God’s Plan for Me?

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…the invitation of Jesus is not an invitation to acquire power– it’s an invitation to reject power. In the Jesus paradigm, it is not the power seekers who are blessed, but the meek– the nonviolent, gentle, power rejectors who find God’s Kingdom. What We Can Learn From The Failure Of The Religious Right (And Why They’re In A Panic)

Holiness and purity are not the opposite of love. Holiness and purity are the cultivation of love. The holy person is the loving person. The pure person is the loving person. Experimental Theology

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Contemporary Christianity needs to come to its historic senses and reexamine its various distortions of the gospel. Christ is not a cypher for Allah – they are nothing alike. The fullness of Christian distinctives is required in our present confrontation with Islam. The Bible is not the Christian Quran. It is nothing like it. Being able to articulate this is essential. Christians are the Body of Christ and not People of the Book. The absence of a true ecclesiology in contemporary Christianity is a hallmark of its Islamification. The call to relationship with God in Christ, true union in the Divine Life of the Triune God, must be rightly proclaimed and taught among Christians. We have centuries of unthinking to do if we are to reclaim the wholeness of the Christian faith and speak truth to error. Glory to God for All Things

In the end, I have a simple thing to say, and I feel a strong sense of God’s pleasure in saying it. Common sense and Christian faith urge us to shun both a naïve recasting of Islam as the mirror-image of liberal democracy, and a hateful projection of our own tribalism onto Australian Muslims. Instead, let’s go out of our way in the coming weeks and months to pray for the Muslims around us and to convey love and friendship toward them. I commit to pray for every Muslim I see, and when I meet Muslims personally, I will try to express friendship in Christ’s name. John Dickson

We desperately need more mature pastors who can lead their churches beyond the narrow confines of dualism and dogmatism and into the wide vistas of contemplation and compassion. It’s hard for me to imagine a more critical need for the American church right now than this. Beyond Elementary School Christianity

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Dad and Mom had a lesbian couple living in our chalet for several years in the early 1970s. One was Dad’s secretary, the other Mom’s helper. They shared a room. Fortunately, my parents were hypocritical and acted as if, no matter their official religious absolutes, the higher call was to ignore what the Bible said in favor of what they hoped it meant. Thus, without ever saying it, it seems to me my parents were affirming that the Bible should be read as if Jesus was the only lens through which to see God. The result was that Francis and Edith Schaeffer were nicer than their official theology. My Parents Stayed Married Because my Father Tearfully Apologized for Hitting Mom and then Worked to Curb his Violent Male Dominant (Calvinist-Fed) Temper

So remember what happened in Noah’s day? Who was left and who was taken away? It was the righteous who were left on earth (Noah and his family) and it was the unrighteous who were taken out of the earth in judgment. Noah and his family were left to inherit a kind of new earth and new heaven. Thus, a prototype for the end of the age. It’s never been God’s plan to remove his people from earth, but rather to see his kingdom rule on earth as it is in heaven (Matt 6:10). God’s heart is to see heaven invade earth, bringing his right-ness, peace and rule to all he has created. All the while dealing with all unrighteousness and sin. The Misplaced Hopes of Left Behind

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