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As Obama well knows, ISIS is not, in fact, unique in its brutality. They are not the first actors in the region to execute prisoners, kill children, rape women, or threaten genocide. Saddam Hussein did all that. Bashar al-Assad turned chemical weapons on children. Is that somehow less brutal than beheading journalists? How can a man who regarded the Iraq War as stupid, despite the fact that the regime we overthrew was every bit as brutal as ISIS, now cite the supposed “unique” brutality of ISIS as a primary justification for taking America to war in Iraq? He was appealing to our fears and disgust, not our reason, much like his predecessor. Obama Urges War in Iraq Despite Known Lack of WMDs

The war-drums are beating. Hysteria is spreading across the nation and reaching fever pitch! Al Baghdadi and his hordes of masked men are on their way to kill us all! Nobody is safe! First Syria, then Iraq, next … Australia? Poor James Foley is the sign of things to come. Soon white men everywhere will be losing their heads! Why Are We Worried about the Islamic State?

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Eleven years after George W. Bush opened the Pandora’s Box of sectarian conflict in Iraq and 10 after he proclaimed it a “catastrophic success,” the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) has emerged with a vengeance. And ISIS owes its stunning battlefield victories to a deadly alliance of Al Qaeda fighters Bush admitted he attracted to Iraq, Sunni tribesmen alienated by his man in Baghdad Nouri al-Maliki and, is turns out, some of Saddam’s former officers who “should have surrendered or been done in.” President Bush Declared Iraq a “Catastrophic Success” Ten Years Ago

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