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The loss of America is the narrative that keeps nativism alive, feeds its ambitious political agenda, and attempts to keep the ever creeping demographic reality at bay, that within the next two generations, and here now in California, there will be no white majority. This exceptionalist narrative so carefully constructed and manicured for centuries as will cease to be. The constant steady shout to go back home, the stares, the often mis-spelled signs, the detention facilities are scenarios Latino/a immigrants have faced for over a century and they show no sign of abating. The narrative of the lost land, for some, only goes one way. Losing America after all, is much more important than losing Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras. The late 19th century depiction of an America morphing into an octopus, the Colossus of the North, is the shadow of a security state they know all know too well. Bullet The Blue Sky—Again: Immigration, Contagion & the Lost Land

The irony is that this cash-intensive strategy comes from leaders who consistently underfund health care, transportation and education. And they ignore the crucial fact that children crossing our borders aren’t trying to sneak around law enforcement: They are running to law enforcement. Why the Border Crisis Is a Myth

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What we’re calling the “border crisis” is today’s Children’s March in the struggle for immigrant justice. The real question is not how to “address the crisis” but rather what the faces of these children demand of us as a country? Our Children’s March: What 1963 Can Teach US About the “Border Crisis”

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…the myth of a “crisis” is being used by politicians to justify ever-tighter restrictions on immigration, play to anti-immigrant voters in the fall elections and ignore the reasons so many children are coming here in the first place. Why the Border Crisis Is a Myth

What we are dealing with here is not an immigration problem, but a refugee crisis. Kirsten Powers

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The fact that Washington’s coverage of the migrant crisis is so divorced from the geopolitical and economic context of the issue is not merely crude deception. Ferocious reliance on the game of chicken between the “good” (or lesser evil) Democratic Party versus the “evil” Republican Party is a sign of crisis in US imperialism’s ideological arsenal. There should be no doubt that both parties will continue to act in cohesion for the ultimate master: US capital. A new left movement is needed to educate and mobilize the exploited classes in a way that relates issues like the migrant crisis to the racist imperial order. Either we organize an offensive to overturn US imperialism’s crisis-ridden system or watch history pass us by. The Migrant Crisis and the Dead-end of US imperialism

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Jesus was an immigrant. He and his family left their homeland and crossed the border into Egypt in order to escape Herod’s hit squad. Had Jesus not escaped, He would have been one of the innocents who was murdered. This means that immigration played an essential role in salvation history. In fact, others in his ancestral line were immigrants who advanced salvation history. Think of Naomi and her family who moved to Moab, where her son married Ruth. Then the widowed Ruth, in turn, migrated to Bethlehem where she met Boaz and gave birth to Obed, the grandfather of King David, who fathered the royal line leading up to Jesus. Without immigration there would have been no messiah and no salvation. Al Streett

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