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Both Florida and Texas will lose out on over 65 billion dollars of federal funding over the next decade. They will do this, mainly, to prevent their poorest citizens who are disproportionately black and Latino from getting access to health care. They will see many of their hospitals close, they’ll miss out on the creation of tens of thousands of jobs, and they’ll lose out on a lot of tax revenue. For what purpose? Booman Tribune

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This case highlights the ridiculousness of connecting our healthcare with our employment. Healthcare should not be tied to the whims and concerns of the people we work for – nor whether or not they’re able to afford it. Whether we work for Scientologists who don’t believe in mental health meds, or Jehovah’s Witnesses who don’t believe in blood transfusions, or Catholic hospitals who don’t believe in contraceptives or abortion in any circumstance, or just cheap-ass Papa John’s or a string of part-time employers, every single person should unequivocally have immediate, affordable access to full medicinal purposes.These are life-and-death and public health issues and not left to the strongly-held but incredibly ignorant religious beliefs or opinions of dumbass greedy rich people. Hobby Lobby Case: Not the End of the World, But a Revelation

A single-payer public health care option should be reexamined to detach employer whims from public needs. We must minimize the influence of bosses and businesses in the implementation of health care. The Hobby Lobby Lesson: We Need To Fight For Single-Payer Health Care

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