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A nihilist is not one who believes in nothing, but one who does not believe in what exists. Albert Camus

At the conclusion of each lecture, Chomsky received a thundering round of applause; by the third day the applause was deafening and sustained; it refused to stop. The applause, I am certain, was not for the specific points being made — points Chomsky has been making in some form for more than 50 years — but for the exemplary nature of the performance. The term “master class” is a bit overused, but I feel no hesitation in using it here. It was a master class taught by a master, and if someone were to ask me what exactly is it that academics do, I would point to these lectures and say, simply, here it is, the thing itself. Scholarship and Politics - The Case of Noam Chomsky

Every calamity that befalls them [the great and powerful], every injury that is done them, excites in the breast of the spectator ten times more compassion and resentment than he would have felt, had the same things happened to other men. Adam Smith

In attempting to construct such machines we should not be irreverently usurping His power of creating souls, any more than we are in the procreation of children. Rather we are, in either case, instruments of His will providing mansions for the souls that He creates. Alan Turing

[Rebellion’s] most profound logic is not the logic of destruction; it is the logic of creation … the logic of the rebel is to want to serve justice so as not to add to the injustice of the human condition. Albert Camus

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