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The fight within the GOP, to the extent there really is one, is over strategy and tactics not goals. As much as it pleases some Village wags to think there still exists a moderate GOP that wants nothing more than to knock back scotch and sodas at the end of a long day of bipartisan horse trading just like Tip and Ronnie supposedly used to do, it doesn’t. And while it also pleases some liberals to think that there exists a genuine populist impulse on the right wing that can make common cause with Democrats, I’m afraid they too are whistling past the graveyard. The right is organized, both philosophically and institutionally as an enemy of New Deal liberalism. There may very well be discrete issues in which a few of the libertarian types can make common cause with Democrats on civil liberties, and it’s always possible that the party may find it’s useful from time to time to pretend to care about Big Banks as much as Big Government. But history suggests that conservatives’ righteous opposition to anything lies more in who they are opposing than in what. Tea Party’s horrifying cousin: Here comes “constitutional conservatism”

If these old Republican foreign policy hands want another Bush to run for president, I’m afraid that doesn’t speak very well for their political or policy judgment. There might have been a time when old Republican realists could be forgiven for mistakenly believing that a younger Bush would follow in his father’s footsteps on foreign policy, but that illusion was dispelled very quickly during the previous administration. There is no excuse at this point to put any faith in a member of that family to conduct foreign policy in a sane or responsible way. More to the point, there is every reason to believe that Jeb Bush shares his brother’s views on foreign policy and approves of his brother’s record, and absolutely no reason to think the opposite. Nothing would be less likely to enliven intra-party debate than to have what few prominent realists remain in the GOP to align themselves with another candidate named Bush as he espouses the same bankrupt ideology that almost all of his would-be competitors have been promoting for the last several years. How To Destroy Republican Realism

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Dogmatic ideological parties tend to splinter the political and social fabric of a nation, lead to governmental crises and deadlocks, and stymie the compromises so often necessary to preserve freedom and achieve progress. George Romney

Anyone with an ounce of brain matter knows that trying to impeach President Obama would be disastrous. Republicans certainly know this. If they had an actual cause for impeachment, the GOP would have put the evidence out there already instead of the mountain of bullshit they’ve been shoveling to make it look like they had something on the president. But Republicans have been pandering to the racist scumbags patriots in their base for so long that conservatives really do expect Republicans to impeach Obama. There’s a good chance the GOP will take the Senate in November and then what? If Republicans don’t immediately start impeachment proceedings, their lunatic base will lose what little is left of their minds. Conservatives Are So Stupid The GOP Has To Trick Them Into NOT Impeaching Obama

But when one looks at the state of Republican public opinion (especially among the likely caucus and primary voters), at the consistent and persistent messages coming from the information sources they follow, and at the supine nature of congressional leaders and business leaders in countering extremism, it is not at all likely that what passes for mainstream, problem-solving conservatism will dominate the Republican Party anytime soon. The Existential Battle for the Soul of the GOP

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A court has dealt a major blow to Obamacare, which, remember, was the conservative alternative originating in the Heritage Foundation and implemented in Massachusetts by the GOP’s last presidential nominee. The right will never quit until it is dead. We are the only advanced nation without universal health care. The Republican message to the poor is: die. Yet a majority of poor whites vote Republican every time. Rogue Columnist: Stuck

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