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Anyone with an ounce of brain matter knows that trying to impeach President Obama would be disastrous. Republicans certainly know this. If they had an actual cause for impeachment, the GOP would have put the evidence out there already instead of the mountain of bullshit they’ve been shoveling to make it look like they had something on the president. But Republicans have been pandering to the racist scumbags patriots in their base for so long that conservatives really do expect Republicans to impeach Obama. There’s a good chance the GOP will take the Senate in November and then what? If Republicans don’t immediately start impeachment proceedings, their lunatic base will lose what little is left of their minds. Conservatives Are So Stupid The GOP Has To Trick Them Into NOT Impeaching Obama

But when one looks at the state of Republican public opinion (especially among the likely caucus and primary voters), at the consistent and persistent messages coming from the information sources they follow, and at the supine nature of congressional leaders and business leaders in countering extremism, it is not at all likely that what passes for mainstream, problem-solving conservatism will dominate the Republican Party anytime soon. The Existential Battle for the Soul of the GOP

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A court has dealt a major blow to Obamacare, which, remember, was the conservative alternative originating in the Heritage Foundation and implemented in Massachusetts by the GOP’s last presidential nominee. The right will never quit until it is dead. We are the only advanced nation without universal health care. The Republican message to the poor is: die. Yet a majority of poor whites vote Republican every time. Rogue Columnist: Stuck

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Simply put, there is almost an entire half of our political system that believes that a great number of Americans simply do not matter enough to make it economically feasible to help them stay healthy. They do not count. It does not matter how many of them die preventable deaths. It is better for the country, this half of the political system believes, that they grow sick and bankrupt themselves. In his famous outburst on the House floor, Alan Grayson was low-balling it. This half of the system includes prospective presidents, members of Congress, think-tank geniuses, pundits, and a lot of other people who generally have one thing in common — most of them have wonderful health care coverage either because they have really good jobs, or they’re wealthy enough to afford it, or both. These are the health care chickenhawks. And we held them to a split decision today, and maybe that’s enough for the moment. Charles P. Pierce

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Yes, right-wingers may grumble about the GOP and lament that it isn’t conservative enough, but it’s still the enemy of their enemy (us), and it’s still the biggest gang in town. It’s the party of Reagan. It’s the party that made Rush Limbaugh an honorary member of its congressional takeover class in 1994. They’re never going to leave it. No More Mister Nice Blog

It seems almost pointless to mention this but there is simply no state Democratic party in any of the 50 states that is so clearly, obviously demented. This is the Republican Party. Yuval Levin and Ramesh Ponnuru are not. In fact, I think all those bold conservative thinkers of whom the New York Times thinks so much should bring their Big Ideas down to the next Texas state Republican convention and see how far they get. John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell, and especially obvious anagram Reince Priebus, who nominally presides over Bedlam, need to be asked every day which parts of the Texas Republican platform they support and which parts they don’t. They don’t get to use the crazies to get elected and then hide behind fake Washington politesse when the howls from the hinterlands get too loud. We allow ourselves only two major political parties. One of them is completely out of its fcking mind. This is a national problem. Crazy Land

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The Republican party of the state of Texas, a state which has 38 electoral votes and which will send 153 delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention, has endorsed the exact theory of government that was promulgated by the gun-toting yahoos at the Bundy Ranch. Charles P. Pierce

Democrats performed the single greatest act of de-regulatory unshackling in human history, when they unleashed the wild-open Internet upon the world, with almost no supervision or regulation at all! (It was Sen. Al Gore’s bill that did that.) Not to mention lesser events, like Obama opening U.S. space-launch services to competitive bidding. Or the largely-liberal-led efforts, in many blue states, to rein in - at long last - the horrifically insane regulatory madness called the War on Drugs. In fact, Democrats did nearly all of the major U.S. deregulations of the last century… except in one industry. Finance. Wall Street and banking. CONTRARY BRIN

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