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Google is an advertising company. Apple is a hardware company. This is why one is more secure than the other. It has nothing to do with capabilities and everything to do with incentives. Decide What You Care About, and Map The Incentives

Google’s strategic goals and large projects are overwhelmingly respectable (self-driving cars, fighting disease, etc.), and I continue to respect them for those types of things. But when it comes to their basic web services, their mobile platform, their UI/UX, their sense of design and integration, their attention to detail, and 1,000 other things about how they present themselves, they’re third-rate or worse. More Google Failure

As a gmail and Google Search user, you are not a customer of Google. You are the product. The customers of Google are the ones who advertise to you. Your interaction with Google is, from the perspective of the business operation, that you give them information which they harvest so they can advertise to you in a more targeted way, thus increasing the likelihood of you clicking. The fact that you get a service from these interactions is great, because it means you’ll come back to give Google and its customers more information about you soon. You are not Google’s customer

Google will never equal the library in precision and accuracy because this company is too arrogant to even listen to a librarian. What’s Really Wrong With Google?

Remember, Google doesn’t own the Internet, they just crawl and index it for profit. Jeremy Palmer: Google is Breaking the Internet

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I suspect we’ll look back on Google+ as one of the worst strategic moves Google ever made. It has cost them dearly in talent, morale, and the quality of their other products.

So wearing Google Glass says something about the person wearing it. You’re owned and you don’t mind if everyone knows. Even worse, you’re an agent of ownedness. Because you’re wearing that bad-smelling thing, the rest of us start to stink. Get away with that. Google Glass smells bad

…readers seem to engage in a lot of debate over whether Google and Amazon are “better” than Apple when it comes to ecosystem lock-in. But all of those services only work with approved devices using approved players with approved content. What you’re arguing about is the size of the cage you’re in. chipotle_coyote

Of all the reactions so far to the Snowden revelations, Google’s new encrypted searches may be the most consequential in advancing human freedom and online privacy. While the Western world benefits from greater privacy protections against warrantless surveillance by the NSA and other agencies, the impact in China may be much greater… Hullabaloo

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