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When you encounter anti-science climate denialists, say two words — “Ocean… acidification.” It is clearly and unambiguously happening. It is clearly dangerous and harmful. And it cannot possibly have any other cause than increased absorbed CO2 from human activity. Climate: Have we reached the tipping point?

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Yet what is inescapably different about today is that never in the history of human life have so many people been threatened by the changes our planet is undergoing; never have some of the planetary changes we are witnessing occurred so quickly, with so little time for adaptation; and never before has one species (us) been identified as the primary cause of such rapid, large-scale changes. It is this recognition of our vulnerability and our culpability, along with the fear that things are on the verge of getting much, much worse and there is little we can do about it, that lies behind much of the despair so prevalent in this age. … Let Creation Rejoice

The significant loss of ice in Greenland has me concerned about sea level rise. The loss of Arctic sea ice has me very concerned about its implications for ocean circulation. The climate patterns that we’ve come to rely on for our own regional climate characteristics which affect the crops we grow, how we prepare for storms or flooding or drought and what not, and then third, the energy balance. As we lose ice the rate of warming on the earth continues to accelerate. Dr. Waleed Abdalati

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