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I am not qualified to judge Gingrich’s knowledge of pterodactyls or the merits of establishing a colony on Mars. However, I have just completed his latest book of history: A Nation Like No Other: Why American Exceptionalism Matters. And I can say, with absolute confidence, that it may be the most inaccurate, least intellectual book about our nation’s past I have ever read. Newt Gingrich, America’s Worst Historian

I am giving up my opinion… Callista Gingrich

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Those that identify themselves as Tea Partiers usually also identify as “very conservative,” and most of them are reliable Republican voters. They are strong partisans who respond to the appeals of political tribalism and combative rhetoric. Gingrich was winning over many of these voters, and so did Santorum, because they present themselves as uncompromising partisans. It didn’t matter that their respective records on fiscal and role of government issues put them closer to the left end of the spectrum within the Republican Party. Many voters were/are unaware of these records, and for those that do know about them Santorum and Gingrich have compensated with hard-line foreign policy and culture war arguments. These are effective more because they reinforce their reputations for combativeness and opposition to the administration rather than anything specific they have to say about policy. Eunomia

It’s endlessly fascinating how guys like Newt Gingrich and other conservatives are so concerned and up in arms over “rights,” “liberty,” our Constitution, and “democracy.” Conservatives even managed to get an entire movement of white, middle to upper-class people to believe their “rights” and “liberties” were somehow being infringed upon by nonexistent socialism. What these guys don’t tell you is that the concept of liberty, which is applied to persons in our Constitution, only applies to them and people who look, think, and act like them. Only they are people worthy of fundamental rights and when the definition of a person becomes inconvenient to them, they change it. For example, in this country, corporations have more legal rights as “persons” than living, breathing people with flesh and blood who happen to be undocumented. These individuals, many of which have come here to escape the resulting horrors of the atrocities committed by the United States in Central and South America, are considered “unpersons.” Instead, we treat people who merely do not happen to have a few papers that denote them as citizens of the United States as dangerous animals because in this country, they are “unpeople.” Mohandas Gandhi

If you base your entire candidacy on your ability to beat Barack Obama in a debate, you damned well better be able to beat Mitt Romney. Tom Junod

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