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Evangelicalism allowed herself to be co-opted by suburban conservative Reagan/Bush era deistic God and country political operatives who used evangelical leader’s influence for votes & promised (fleeting) legislative and executive branch access and influence in return. That never happened. In other words, evangelical leaders sold their churches out for politics in the 1970s through the early 1990s and lost their kids in the process. How Evangelicals Sold Out To Politics And Lost Their Kids In The Process

Evangelicals may assert that the Osteens don’t represent them. They may argue that sentimentality isn’t what the gospel is about. They might point to a handful of rationalistic pastors. Yet their popular culture says something different. Osteen’s comments may be too unbelievable now for some evangelicals, but given evangelical history, future generations will probably find such comments as commonplace. This is the new evangelicalism, and it appears to be here to stay. Are the Osteens evangelical outliers?

But official evangelicaldom will recoil from TBTMS with horror and revulsion. If Enns is right about the Bible we will have to rethink our Christianity from the ground up, and when we are done we will find ourselves in a brave new world of faith and practice. “Losing our religion”: a review of “The Bible Tells Me So” by Peter Enns

Those two things cannot both be true. These people cannot both be radical revolutionaries threatening to overthrow the culture and also squishy conformists so desperate to be affirmed by that culture that they will redefine themselves to accommodate it. To accuse marriage equality advocates of both of these things at the same time is simply a contradiction. If you’re fighting to preserve the status quo, you cannot accuse those who seek to change it of ‘accommodating to the prevailing culture’

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A desperate, angry, apocalyptic tone of social engagement alienates many people, including some of the children of those who practice it. Introspection time for evangelicals

But the real function of the propaganda produced by the Evangelical industrial complex is less to evangelize the larger culture towards salvation than it protects against outside contamination. The Myth of White-Evangelical Persucution

Evangelicals today who see themselves forced to choose between standing on principle regarding contraception and homosexuality, or acquiescing to the framing of these issues as civil rights matters, need to be reminded that many of their institutions and spokesmen claimed not so long ago to stand on principle against equality for African Americans. No wonder critics of evangelicalism perceive these institutions and spokesmen (yes, they’re still mostly men) to be repeating the old pattern. A Balm(er)y Fall

We are clearly called in the Bible to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly before our God” (Micah 6:8), to “love our neighbors as ourselves” (Luke 10:27), and to “defend the cause of the marginalized” (Psalm 82:3). We are called to proclaim the Gospel and to live as witnesses of the love of Christ, not to promote our theological or political agenda. Evangelicals for Marriage Equality: A Response to Our Critics

The rise of the religious right didn’t just change white evangelical politics, it changed white evangelical religion — reshaping the personal and spiritual as well as the more obviously political. We went from being a people centered on and defined by a passion for evangelism to being a people centered on and defined by our political opposition to abortion. The Satanic Panic arose from abortion politics

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