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But the real function of the propaganda produced by the Evangelical industrial complex is less to evangelize the larger culture towards salvation than it protects against outside contamination. The Myth of White-Evangelical Persucution

Evangelicals today who see themselves forced to choose between standing on principle regarding contraception and homosexuality, or acquiescing to the framing of these issues as civil rights matters, need to be reminded that many of their institutions and spokesmen claimed not so long ago to stand on principle against equality for African Americans. No wonder critics of evangelicalism perceive these institutions and spokesmen (yes, they’re still mostly men) to be repeating the old pattern. A Balm(er)y Fall

We are clearly called in the Bible to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly before our God” (Micah 6:8), to “love our neighbors as ourselves” (Luke 10:27), and to “defend the cause of the marginalized” (Psalm 82:3). We are called to proclaim the Gospel and to live as witnesses of the love of Christ, not to promote our theological or political agenda. Evangelicals for Marriage Equality: A Response to Our Critics

The rise of the religious right didn’t just change white evangelical politics, it changed white evangelical religion — reshaping the personal and spiritual as well as the more obviously political. We went from being a people centered on and defined by a passion for evangelism to being a people centered on and defined by our political opposition to abortion. The Satanic Panic arose from abortion politics

Speaking for myself as a present-day and former offender, I’d much rather have my daughter or son or grandchild grow up to be a real writer rather than a so-called Christian writer, an actual physicist rather than a pastor using physics as a source for some inspirational sermon example, a firefighter rather than a youth pastor… a news reader rather than having a religion/spirituality TV show. Evangelical and/or Post-Evangelical Christianity, “Progressive” or “Conservative,” Has Snapped My Brain and Yours — We’re Addicts

Evangelicals put a lot of stock in the original languages so you may understand my disappointment. I went on to study not only Greek but also Hebrew and eventually even a little Aramaic. What I now find ironic is that God does not seem to share this evangelical obsession for a perfect record in the original. Megan DeFranza

…I just want to highlight this growing rift between Billy Graham’s son and his grandson. What’s at stake here is the legacy of Billy Graham, which means that what’s at stake here is, in a sense, the future of white evangelicalism in America. The Fall of the House of Graham

Often, the Christian defense of what they believe is their religious liberty is framed as fundamental hatefulness, homophobia, and misogyny, rather than disagreement grounded in morality. Much to the shame of the faith, a few who claim to be Christian really are motivated by hate. Those who disagree with them see little point in engaging with them on these issues, which is understandable, but it’s unfair and counterproductive to extend that attitude to all evangelical Christians. If the evangelical worldview is deemed invalid in the public sphere, then the public sphere loses the value of being public. American discourse will be marked by paranoid conformity, rather than principled and earnest disagreement. And our ability to prophetically speak to one another and to our nation’s troubles will be restrained. Is Evangelical Morality Still Acceptable in America?

The problem with banishing members of the tribe for this thought crime, though, is that it gets everyone else thinking about it too. And now, thanks to those hyper-vigilant gatekeepers and those hysterical fundraisers and apocalyptic political campaigners, everyone has had a chance to think about this a bit more for the past 10 years. It turns out that 10 years is a long time to think about something you’re expected and required to oppose without at some point along the way noticing the utter lack of any convincing argument against it. Gatekeepers are losing their grip

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