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election 2008

Sarah Palin is from exurbia, the sprawl beyond the sprawl that Republicans tapped to, perhaps, win the 2004 presidential election. Exurbia, even more than suburbia, is by its nature the mirror opposite of a small town. It is sprawling, lacks a center or soul, tends to be adamantly against civic design or planning, and is highly exclusionary, especially based on class and income. It is Bill Bishop’s The Big Sort up close. Thus, in Columbia, S.C., the state capital, you have a city that is 49 percent white. Yet the fast-growing nearby exurb of Lexington County is 83 percent white. And so it goes around the country. They are also usually totally car dependent. And even with their homogenity, many exurbs have serious crime and social problems, yet lack the resources to address them. Many exurbs are heavily tribal in religious affiliation (e.g. Gilbert, Ariz.). Many are zoned to limit public spaces and seek to limit social services, so their problem individuals end up in center cities. Rogue Columnist

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