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If I were to play, I’d say that “all churches who do not take Jesus serious on enemy love, are apostate– Satan’s church”. I’d also add that “all churches who believe in this extra-biblical end-times garbage (that’s you, Johny Mac) have no allegiance to the Bible and are therefore Satan’s church”. If my Calvinist friends were to play, they’d say that “all churches who do not take God’s sovereignty and election seriously are apostate– Satan’s church”. My free will friends could play and just delete “sovereignty” from the last statement to read “free will”, and they’d have their Satanic church too. Support Marriage Equality? You’re Part of Satan’s Church (Says MacArthur)

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The future of a vibrant Christian faith in this country lies not in battles over orthodoxy or symbols. It is not about who won which political race or court battle. It is about offering the grace necessary to really hear each other, to serve as the midwives who will bring forth whatever next phase of Church the Spirit is birthing. Inspector Javert is not the hero of Les Mis: Grace and the Future of Evangelicalism

The forgotten lesson of Bonhoeffer is not that we should all strive to be more like him, but that we should strive to be a church that wouldn’t need him! The Forgotten Lesson of Bonhoeffer, and the American Church

Every issue facing the church today has a slippery Caiaphas, a vacillating Pilate, a betraying Judas, and a centurion who will drive the nails because it’s his job. Lloyd John Ogilvie

The church isn’t a corporation to be run efficiently. Mary DeMuth

Yet today I find that modern evangelicalism is finding psychiatric help on every page of the Bible. Sermon series are now designed around how we can not learn about God or about sound doctrine but about “life lessons” from the text. In the passion for “real and relevancy” to the masses, the church has abandoned looking for God on every page to looking for psychiatric help on every page. Churches take stories from the lives of saints such as Moses or Elijah and make them fit into this psychiatric flow so that now we can read the story of Moses or Daniel or Paul and we can learn how God wants us to have an awesome life too. God just wants to bless our socks off and He wants to teach how to have a great marriage, how to be a better person, five steps to a new me, ten steps to raising godly children. The entire focus seems to be on making us all better now that we come to realize that our biggest struggle isn’t sin but self-esteem and so God’s Word helps me see myself as God sees me. Finding Psychiatric Help on Every Page

When church is primarily viewed through the lens of an event we consume, it’s a whole lot easier to label the “other” out there and how wrong they are. Let’s recall that the mandate of Jesus was not actually that we agree with one another, it was actually much more challenging. We are supposed to love each other, which is really, really hard—and pretty much impossible if our lives are not lived together. How the Local Movement is Revitalizing the Church

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