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I am convinced that the soul of the white church has yet to be ashamed. It is not ashamed of slavery- it only dismisses it. It is not ashamed of Jim Crow - it only claims credit for ending it. It is not ashamed of incarceration rates - it only excuses it. It is not ashamed of ghettos - it pretends to have nothing to do with them. It is not ashamed of segregation - only silently benefits from it. There is no shame for who America has been. I believe that until there is collective shame for who white America has been to people of color, white America will not choose to be something else. If it is fine with who it is, it will continue to do what’s always done. Far from being offended by its own actions, instead white America- Christians included- remain offended by black bodies. This is what killed Trayvon and Renisha and Jordon and Eric and Michael. How dare black bodies resist the white will. How dare they fight back when a stranger chases. How dare they knock at 4am. How dare they not turn down the music when told. How dare they sell some cigarettes. How dare they walk in the middle of the street. How utterly offensive for black bodies to disobey whiteness. Austin Channing Brown

As African Americans, we can no longer live in denial about the deep seated culture and the glamorization of contextualized thug-ology within our communities. I’ve witnessed too many examples of our people justifying African-American young men dressing and carrying themselves in ways that will never prepare them for a productive career. I’ve seen too many parents get so excited about 8th grade promotions and high school graduations with no expectation or push for their Sons to go to college. I mean a four year liberal arts college or university. I’ve learned that if you want your African American Sons to go to college and not jail, the work actually begins in the 3rd and 5th grade. Too many parents are in denial and believe a myth about how good the children are, while ignoring how deeply they are enslaved to aspects of thug-ology. Racial Profiling, Thug-ology, and the Church

I never trust a church that feels compelled to advertise. If the lives of its members aren’t sufficient advertisement, I want no part of it. If you have to try that hard to entice people to visit your facilities, then either your members aren’t living the Gospel in their daily lives or you simply want more bodies to fill seats and give money. Jesus told us to make disciples, not advertise facilities or ‘exciting services’. Churches That Advertise: An Observation

Anyone who thinks the status quo has triumphed over the need for change is probably a victim of wishful thinking. Brian McLaren

I go to a church in a denomination that other churches are leaving because they can’t stand the idea of being in the same denomination as churches that are allowed to perform same-sex marriage. The PCUSA has space for both sides, and while the liberal churches are okay with worshipping alongside those who disagree, the conservative churches have no space for that sort of disagreement about fundamental issues like the resurrection. …Oh wait, that was about gay marriage. Never mind. Like I said, it makes me sad. Unacceptable: What it’s like to be a Liberal Christian in a Sea of Conservativism

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[T]he church of Christ is called as the advocate of every victim of the rulers of the age, and that, not because the victim is right, for the church does not know how any are judged in the Word of God, but because the victim is a victim. Advocacy is how the church puts into practice its own experiences of the victory of the Word of God over the power of death, how the church lives in the efficacy of the resurrection amidst the reign of death in this world, how the church expends its life in freedom from both intimidation and enthrallment of death or of any agencies of death, how the church honors the sovereignty of the Word of God in history against the counterclaims of the ruling principalities. This advocacy, in its ecumenical scope as well as its actual specificity, constitutes the church’s political task, but, simultaneously, exemplifies the church’s worship of God, as intercession for anyone in need, and for the need of the whole creation, which exposes and confounds the blasphemy of predatory political authority. William Stringfellow

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If I were to play, I’d say that “all churches who do not take Jesus serious on enemy love, are apostate– Satan’s church”. I’d also add that “all churches who believe in this extra-biblical end-times garbage (that’s you, Johny Mac) have no allegiance to the Bible and are therefore Satan’s church”. If my Calvinist friends were to play, they’d say that “all churches who do not take God’s sovereignty and election seriously are apostate– Satan’s church”. My free will friends could play and just delete “sovereignty” from the last statement to read “free will”, and they’d have their Satanic church too. Support Marriage Equality? You’re Part of Satan’s Church (Says MacArthur)

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