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I hold the church personally responsible for any LGBTQ person who walks away from God and Christianity. Candice Czubernat

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We see children as problems to be solved. Jesus sees them as forerunners who lead us into the kingdom. Why the Church Needs to Fully Incorporate Children

Churches and church leaders need to do their ministry with an awareness of the power of “pew guy.” Leaders cannot afford to be dismissive and unfazed by the criticisms of others. They (we) must have a listening posture as much as is possible. And they (we) must be careful in the first place to proceed in decision making and leadership with hearts in check and procedures authentically sincere and “Sermon-on-the-Mountish.” Everything you say, every person you talk to, every decision you make, every person you are dismissive of, every person you manhandle, every marginalization you conceive is out there just waiting to end up on a blog. And this is the only option some people have. So This Is What Happens in The Blogosphere

I think the incorporation of MMA into church ministries is part of a pile of evidence that suggests American Christianity has been impacted by American ideals more than we like to admit. Strength, success, courage, individualism, sticking up for yourself, and victory are deeply ingrained into the American psyche. These values are especially strong for American men. If we want to be perceived as men, then we have to prove ourselves and our manliness by embodying these values. Every man feels it whether they voice it or not. We must, as men, prove ourselves. And so we are cajoled to “man up,” “don’t be a girl,” or “be a real man.” Any sign of weakness—physical or emotional— is evidence that one is less than a man. When Church Meets MMA (a review/reflection on “Fight Church” by Nate Pyle)

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The need for training everyone is not a new idea. By the 2nd Century AD early churches had developed a 3-year instructional path for new believers, rooted deeply in the Scriptures. Modern evangelical churches typically replace the 3-year catechism with 4-week “new believer” courses. It’s a classic example of failing to learn from history. Bible Reading Destroys the Church

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The only purpose of the gospel is to reconcile people to God and to each other. A gospel that doesn’t reconcile is not a Christian gospel at all. But in America it seems as if we don’t believe that. We don’t really believe that the proof of our discipleship is that we love one another. No, we think the proof is in numbers — church attendance, decision cards. Even if our “converts” continue to hate each other, even if they will not worship with their brothers and sisters in Christ, we point to their “conversion” as evidence of the gospel’s success. We have substituted a gospel of church growth for a gospel of reconciliation. John Perkins

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The salaried pastorate inadvertently keeps the church shackled. A damaging co-dependent relationship exists between paid pastors and the people in the pews: the pastor(s) gets paid to “do the work of the ministry” while the people largely sit and watch. Despite good intentions, this relationship stifles the good that the church can do and the wondrous thing it can be. I do not sugarcoat or soften this call in any way. I believe all pastors who receive salaries from churches should resign today. This applies to all places on earth. All Salaried Pastors Everywhere, Please Resign!

What we’re seeing is four guys from Ireland with way the hell too much money showing us what we have been wanting all along: a new way of being the institutional church. U2: Seeking An Ecclesiology

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There is a world that is in desperate need of a Savior right outside the walls of the church. The time we spend in meetings or around the potluck lunch table talking about how big the church was in 1947 is wasting everyone’s time. Stop Taking Attendance

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