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…if you do not see the role that Egypt, Babylon and Rome played in the Biblical narrative … by what lens would be able to see the role that post-Cold War America plays in the global War on Terror? E is for Empire

The Right has successfully rebranded the brown-skinned liberal Jew, who gave away free healthcare, was pro-redistributing wealth, and hung with a prostitute, into a white-skinned, trickledown, union-busting conservative, for the very fact that an overwhelming number of Americans are astonishingly illiterate when it comes to understanding the Bible. On hot-button social issues, from same-sex marriage to abortion, biblical passages are invoked without any real understanding of the context or true meaning. How America’s Biblical Ignorance Allows the Christian Right to Use ‘Religious Freedom’ For Its Own Agenda

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Rather, instead of clinging to an essentialist view of language and critiquing the NIV for its “mistranslation,” we need to recognize the role of theo-politics in all translation, and critique the NIV for its bad theology. “Deliberate mistranslation” is rhetorically powerful language, but it does not help us speak and reason clearly about translational difference. NIV: Mistranslation, Deception, or Bad Theology?

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Look, any church will have Bibles in it, as well as people who read those Bibles to a greater or lesser degree. I have found that churches with “Bible” in the title, though, have weaponized their Bibles, and are not afraid to use them. They seem to be afraid to actually read them, but as bludgeons they are quite handy. Save yourself the bruises. A Fool’s Guide to Finding a Church

…it struck me that Paul probably couldn’t get a job teaching at the seminary that taught me about Paul. Peter Enns

Mark Twain is supposed to have said, “The best cure for Christianity is reading the Bible.” If he did say that, his wisdom didn’t take in my case. Though I understand it differently, I love the Bible as much as I ever have. I’m just as passionate for Jesus and for the gospel as I ever have been, though I understand them differently too. But I can say this: Reading the Bible is a terrific cure for fundamentalism. That’s exactly how many of us so-called liberal Bible scholars got our start. Where Do ‘Liberal’ Bible Scholars Come From?

For almost the entirety of its ancient existence, Israel/Judah was politically and militarily insignificant. Although it enjoyed some periods of relative strength and security, it was dwarfed by the wolves that surrounded it. At various times, the Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks and Romans were some of the imperial powers that extended their dominion over minor states within their grasp, including Israel/Judah. Subjugation and assimilation was a ceaseless threat. It is within this political context that the Bible presents the notion of salvation. That is, biblical ‘salvation’ means salvation from empire. Craig Evan Anderson

Revelation is best used when one is doing analysis of culture and society and is best put down when one wants to know what will happen in the future. In other words, Revelation is potent political theology and not speculative eschatology. The Relevance of the Book of Revelation

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