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Arizona will make no progress until the Kookocracy is deposed. That won’t happen until the Republicans lose the Legislature, especially, and other top state offices. Rogue Columnist: The troll

On the whole, Arizona is watered by three main sources: State river water maintained in reservoirs, Central Arizona Project water from the Colorado River, and underground water. A fourth source in increasing use is reclaimed wastewater. All the water used by municipalities combined amounts to less than 25 percent of that used by the entire state, while 70 percent supplies agriculture. As experts have noted over the years, shifting the water supply from farms to homes will buy Arizona a lot of time. Claims That Metro Phoenix Is Doomed Because of Climate Change Are Exaggerated

Our social capital is depleted. We don’t want grand projects for renewal so much as someone to blame. The right understands this better than the left, and exercises Total Political War on the terrain of everyday life. A teacher molests a student. Al Gore darts around the world in a jet and gets fat. Black kids beat up a homeless white veteran. Mexicans spray-paint graffiti on walls while stealing our Social Security. The list is endless. And our conversation is now worse than mindless. It’s the decay of society and our polity. We’ve reached the end of a tether that connected past and present, present and future. We’re floating out there in space, hopeless and bitter. soleri

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