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The time will come when it is too costly to maintain the artificial environment for 6.5 million people, and many won’t choose to stay or move here. The time will come, when the 10,000-mile food chain breaks down, when a few of us will long for the Salt River Valley that could grow anything and feed itself. Eventually, the desert will win. The desert always wins. Ask the Hohokam. Rogue Columnist: Lies, damned lies and water

This Arizona experiment shows you can fool enough of the people enough of the time. Especially if they are old whites who reflexively check the name with an “R” beside it — because all our problems are caused by brown-skilled people getting things they don’t deserve. Especially if they get their information in the closed and self-reinforcing loop of Fox and Limbaugh. Rogue Columnist

As to Ducey, he is a nullity. Even if one sets aside his record at Cold Stone Creamery — which one shouldn’t do — he offers nothing new. I’m struck again by our age’s childlike awe of the businessman for public office (e.g. Rick Scott in Florida). The public interest is not a business. No wonder none of our best presidents were businessmen (Warren Harding and George W. Bush were). The Arizona experiment

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Arizona will make no progress until the Kookocracy is deposed. That won’t happen until the Republicans lose the Legislature, especially, and other top state offices. Rogue Columnist: The troll

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