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If you accept the anti-abortion premise and the anti-abortion logic of the Catholic hierarchy’s opposition to embryonic stem-cell research, then you must also believe that IVF fertility clinics are slaughterhouses far worse than any abortion clinic. You must also believe that couples who have used IVF treatments to have children are also morally repugnant killers complicit in mass murder. Ice-buckets, IVF and mass-murderers

…it’s unclear why so much of pro-life policy seems to center on bans and fines and scans and threats. If a woman considers herself too destitute to care for a child, there is no transvaginal ultrasound demoralizing enough and no accompanying narration excoriating enough to make her decision seem any less plausible. The specter of criminalization in some pro-life discourse is equally disturbing: surely the penal carceral system is the very last structure we would relegate poor mothers to. Even pro-life picketers seem to recognize as much. Fortunately, if the goal really is reducing abortion and supporting the ability of mothers to care for their infants, the data directs us to a very intuitive solution: give would-be moms, especially the poorest, the financial boost they need to give birth while maintaining financial security. A child allowance program fits the bill neatly. Pro-Life, Anti-Poverty

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By opposing the inclusion of contraception in health care, conservatives who support today’s Hobby Lobby decision and oppose the ACA are actually choosing to increase the number of abortions. Q: What Did Hobby Lobby Win? A: Many More Abortions

To identify as a pro-life progressive, is to give voice to the voiceless. It is about taking radical actions such as not only protecting the lives of fetuses, but to also protect children from rape culture and abuse by listening to their stories. A commitment to the Consistent Ethic of Life is consistent with movements towards integral human liberation… The Pro-Life Progressive: An Endangered Species?

All too often, abortion debates focus almost exclusively on the potential life growing inside a pregnant woman, rather than on the woman herself. It sometimes seems that a woman, upon becoming pregnant, ceases to be a full and complex human being. Instead, the fertilized egg, zygote or embryo in her uterus is valued more highly than her actual life. Sally Steenland

…those who oppose coverage of birth control based on their religious or pro-life convictions must take into consideration the fact that lack of coverage may actually lead to more abortions. Privilege and The Pill

A truly Christian pro-life position is concerned with not letting people play God by ending unborn children’s lives unnaturally with technology. The pro-life position becomes Frankenstein when it demands that technology be used to disallow nature from taking its course with human life. According to NIH data, God is the ultimate abortionist, terminating about half of all fertilized eggs, and about 15-20% of the fetuses of known pregnancies. If it became technologically possible to extract brand-new zygotes from the uterus and grow them in fail-proof incubators in which God would not be allowed to play God with human life so that the gestation rate would be absolutely 100%, would the pro-life movement call for that too? When pro-life goes Frankenstein: the case of Marlise Munoz 

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