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Happy Election Day 2012, My Fellow Proletariats!

And a GPOY, in election costume. (And with Movember styling too!)

Voted early this morning with no fanfare as there was no line at my local polling station. In stark contrast to 2008 (congressional election years and off-year elections never ever draw any sort of crowd whatsoever) when the line stretched around the block. Not a positive harbinger for the Romney crowd, given the heavily leaning Republican district I inhabit. Of course, all those Republican loyalists could have voted early via mail-in ballot.

In other AZspot meta droppings, this post is going to roll off rather rapidly as there is a stocked to the brim queue of posts to be squeezed out this voting day. And after a lull where last week I dashed off to gaudy Las Vegas (and sadly, missed bumping into citizen kerry, who was adventuring there too, over the weekend).

Hoping that Nate Silver’s 90.9% Obama victory projection comes to fruition. Either way, there will be plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth. 7:^]

And for those eagerly looking forward to a post-election hoopla termination, I do not believe this will be the case in our new age. Whether it be partisan bickering over an unjust voting result, or the revving up of 2014/2016 banter, it is now a perpetual election season.


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  2. talix18 said: I fear you are correct about perpetual election season. Seems Orwellian, almost - constant campaigning but no actual doing of the job.
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