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Do I ever write my own thoughts?

A note, from my Tumblr inbox enquires:

Do you ever write your own thoughts? I started following you for a different perspective not to follow others quotes or comments.

Yes, on occasion.

Usually I purposefully refrain from commentary — as most often, I construct this space as an unfolding conversation, where I resist the temptation for rebuttal or sardonic rejoinders and allow the words speak for themselves.

Recently, not much op-ed content has filled these pages, but that frequency is variable. And now that I returned from a mountain hideaway retreat, my pen is refreshed, ready for composing.

At the bottom of the page (if you are viewing via your web browser and not from the Tumblr dashboard) is a menu triangle that can be enabled to peruse past “own thought” posts.

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  1. selva said: #truth I really just use this space to facilitate the flow of information. Bring awareness to things that might otherwise go under the radar. I do pride myself on writing my own headlines and editing poor grammar and sentence structure though.
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