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Hell is DirecTV Customer Service

We have been DirecTV customers for nearly 15 years. Throughout most of our satellite television subscription history, it has been a mostly pleasant experience.

Until recently.

In a campaign to cut living expenses, as a preliminary step to cutting the cord altogether, we have been “attempting” to rollback all the television extras — most prominently, the NFL Sunday Ticket package, the NHL Center Ice package and some other superfluous fees (like a $5.99 monthly one for “Protection Plan”) I was not even aware was being frizzed out of my pocket. I say “attempting”, because DirecTV has ensured that process is to be circumnavigated in a most Byzantine fashion.

It seems that signing up for services is as easy as a click, but a requests for discontinuing are met with a series of phone calls, calls interrupted by mistransfers, lengthy hold times, and failure to achieve what seemingly the customer service representative assented — a month, two months, etc.… later, the same packages and fees are on the billing statement. I was unable to inform an agent to cancel X, Y and Z — each request needed to be funneled to a another entity (and frequently, with multiple bounces and missteps along the way) that was actually authorized to curtail that particular service or package.

Whine, whine, whine. Yes, #firstworldproblems :D

But just be aware, when dealing with DirecTV (or other businesses that employ the same tactics), that the ease in which new packages are activated is matched by the eventual hassle encountered when the desire to unsubscribe surfaces.


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  1. redcloud said: Tell them, “Fine, just cancel my whole account.” They’ll start doing what you want to try to save your business.
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