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People who read books see the world differently

It has been said that parents do not surround their kids with books like they used to. Instead, they just buy them a computer and a Xbox and call it a day. That if you physically put endless tomes of literature in front of a curious mind, usually they’ll find their way to reading them.

Might be.

Though I was not surrounded by books as a kid, once attaining college age (or shortly before), I gravitated to a state where I embraced arduous reading. And now I live in a house that’s overflowing with books — I cannot give away old ones fast enough to make room for new titles. And kindle/iPad reading has not significantly supplanted the rate of inbound print books.

And outside of like minded internet friends, very few share my zeal. Be they family, friends or work mates. Amongst non college educated folk I can understand this plight, but even most software professionals and those possessing college degrees I come across do not read (magazines and internet news sites do not count; however, I believe people that read a lot online also tend to be at least infrequent readers of books too) at all. I attempt to give books away and for the most part, even the ones eagerly accepted orrequested, I will inquire 6 months later, and the reply will be “oh, I am still working through it”.

I try not to be elitist about it, but people who read books see the world differently that people who do not. I don’t know if, universally, a reader is better than a non-reader, but it sure seems as if a more avid reader possesses a perspective of berth and depth.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one. ~Jojen, A Dance With Dragons

This homily is not sponsored by the American Library Association.


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    I AM an elitist, and I believe readers are better than non-readers, without a doubt. Stupid people have no reason for...
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    #those readers who are more interested in that fact that they read, instead of actually reading
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    True. For example, us readers would notice...typed “that” instead
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    My mother taught me to read. She would plop me down at the kitchen table and make me read a book to her while she did...
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    My father is slightly dislexic, but none the less he took the time to read to me as a child. Partially because of that,...
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    I read mine. I’m always reading a book or have a book on hand, soild or digital. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
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