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Making, Earning, Taking…


In the political language of today, people who want to keep what they have earned are said to be “greedy,” while those who wish to take their earnings from them and give it to others (who will vote for them in return) show “compassion. ~Thomas Sowell (via laliberty)

Tumblrs — what do you think of this quote?

There is no reason to believe that what anyone owns was “earned”. We can and do question the idea of entitlement to wealth with redistributive policy. I am uncovinced that the dubious belief that someone earned their wealth is worth the real suffering caused by vast disparities in wealth. (via theheritagefoundation).

But these “earners” spoken of, merely are “takers” from “makers”, motivated primarily not by self interest or the “profit motive”, but by a quest for truth, to scratch an itch, to create what hitherto, was only imaginable. These “earners” also have invested in the political machine enough fruits of their interest to ensure the “toll booth” is properly primed, no matter the level of achievement, quantity and/or quality of goods and services provide, or the public interest^H^H^H^H^H^H^H destruction served. These “earners” are, too, reliant upon all the goodies the public dime provides — from prerequisite infrastructure needs (be it an educated workforce, stable electricity grid, communications network, functioning roads and thoroughfares and waterways and airways, etc.…) to reaping privatized treasure treats from the teat of public investment (i.e., the internet, the transistor, the modem, or just about every modern technological post-WWII advance).

Can we really have a conscience or claim to be human and justify the absurd wealth disparity that exists?

All hail homo economicus and the sanctum of moral depravity!

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