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Tumblr Crush Report for Friday, 22 June 2012

Was curious to see my Tumblr crush board after discovering that the Flipboard iPad app makes it rather easy to string off a series of “likes” for a given Tumblr. But yesterday, the Tumblr crush board was not displaying on my “following” Tumblr dashboard panel. Alas, today, it is.

  1. christiannightmares Sometimes I get supportive emails. Sometimes I get criticized. JesusWeen Cookies Once in awhile, I get a nice email.
  2. abbyjean My nervous breakdown Also Grading i don’t want to go to my own goodbye party because it means i’m saying goodbye… muchomegamountains: and for fucks sake, y’all. this is NOT ABOUT HOW SOME DUDE… hey sexartandpolitics i can’t ask you because of the domain name thing update on my day today is awful. nickminichino replied to your link: The Dawn of the Evidence-Based Budget -…
  3. Excuse me for a brief defense of feminism… Foreign Policy’s Male-Heavy Twitterati List Women in Combat and the Unit Cohesion Challenge (As Brought to You by This… Poetry and Food Price Politics yessiwritesright replied to your post:  This is great, anyway to make it… The only thing I’m interested in actually talking about with this whole… If any of you have attended or plan to attend student protests in Québec City… Countries currently expelling Syrian diplomats over continued violence… This morning I received an anonymous message…
  4. mohandasgandhi Comedian Jimmy Carr apologises for tax evasion on Twitter fearandwar: sharquaouia: I love it when someone claims to be an expert on… Breaking News: Prime Minister of Pakistan disqualified by the Supreme Court. John McCain calls Supreme Court ‘uniformed, arrogant, naive’ for Citizens… Canada: Welcome to the UN’s Human Rights Watchlist sharquaouia: Morsi’s win is not official until Friedman makes sweeping… Muslim Brotherhood claims victory in Egypt president vote You can talk about feminism and supporting women’s rights all you want but… Protip lolbertarians/economic conservatives:
  5. apsies We’re entering week four of my nanny gig PEGGY! We scheduled a 30 minute chat concerning a group project due next week As far as neighbors go I’m watching the Diamond Jubilee Concert for the Queen Announcing the 2012 ThinkProgress Tumblr Honorees! I have an online midterm to take tonight Day 22: Broody Hen Update my first day as a nanny
  6. squashed Learning to be nonconfrontational: public servant edition Fact: On the Fast and Furious Scrap Mitt Romney is the new Zune. What’s your excuse? For the aspiring lawyers Damage Control Obama and the Libertarians Racism and the 2012 Election
  7. mandalay Lamestream media. Also. Apologies Brown v. Warren YES EXACTLY. letters about a class action law suit against red light cameras > letters… Panache. What do LA, MD, and DC have in common? Passwords, etc.
  8. citizenkerry things i’ve learned about dating from being engaged things that are (not) actually wrong with me playing truth or dare by myself james tells me about life at 30,000 feet why dating is confusing, explained how to keep a man justin tells me about occupy detroit, being a substitute teacher, growing… a surprising good thing that happened last night There are two New Orleans-es: (1) the one I saw, which is Cajun-themed Las…
  9. shiningstarshiddenfires Wanted coffee. Coffee pot was already full for the morning beverage. Prepared a… I love how Brian is dressed up as Clark Kent in the opening of HMB. I have a sudden (yet long hidden) desire to pick up pipe smoking… No matter how times I watch it, Andy Serkis’ performance as Gollum/Smeagol… Summer 2012 is all about the super heroes: The Avengers, Batman,… the19thhistory replied to your post<span >: <em >merging my two… merging my two tumblrs Today’s Best Videos (April 2, 2012) The truth behind Occupy Oakland; What the media fail to report

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