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Tumblr Crush Report for Friday, 13 April 2012

  1. squashed "Private sector solutions" and regulating credit-reporting agencies I won’t be following the Zimmerman trial Tumblr’s conservatives make things too easy … What we lost with Santorum … ? Questions worth asking about drones For some reason, Chris Hedges keeps writing things Thoughts on Easter I just read the National Review’s hit piece on Elizabeth Warren
  2. Comic Sans All Risk Judgements Are Subjective and Their Quality Varies Also, Ratings Agencies Spain probably needs all those houses tbh Blood Pressure Should I try a half-marathon this Sunday What was the best thing that happened to you this week? The Reformed Goth On Being An Adult
  3. amodernmanifesto stfuconfederates: jpegartifacts: Congress’ approval rating is lower than the… lunarkangaroos asked: Communism is doomed to fail as well. It just isn’t human… ftm-communist: we-are-revolting: ftm-communist: I feel like I should organize… Anonymous asked: My son (13 y.o.) just got suspended for the day for answering… Melinda Gates talks a TED on why birth control should be put back on the agenda… IMPORTANT: The G8 Is Working On A New ACTA (That Would Censor The Internet) Translating Egypt’s Revolution Stalinist Russia Lesson #1: We’ve Kept Abortion Legal - But What About Accessible?
  4. sociolab I just feel so ambivalent about everything in my life right now. spasticpigeons replied to your post: socialformsandsocialtypes replied to your… socialformsandsocialtypes replied to your post: I need help determining my… spasticpigeons replied to your post: I need help determining my sample. Every… awesomemodon replied to your post: I need help determining my sample.  Every… I need help determining my sample.  Every time I talk to m professor she comes… I need to write.  I need to write.  I need to write.  I need to write.  I need… Any requests for specific book titles or authors related to sociology or… I can’t believe that discussion just happened in a sociology class. Not…
  5. lessig worth it On the absurd pandering in the Anti-Hilary-Rosen Campaign So what exactly is this internet scam about? The Economist Weighs In A no-lobbying pledge Responding to Rick’s Response On the Anonymous Donors to Americans Elect Ezra’s review On making visible the Anti-Corruption Movement
  6. ryking Obama Camp Throws Hilary Rosen Under a Bus for Telling the Truth FUCK PEOPLE WHO WANT INCONVENIENT EQUALITY Sad News MSNBC Journalism FAIL Today in Media Misandry Sad News Red Cross Launches Social Media Disaster Response Center Why do libertarians wear neck ties? The Feminist definition of Sexism is insane.
  7. techsgtjenn Curse word of the day … mothra flocka. Don’t even know where it came from, but… I’ve built/assembled a dvd tower and two shelf inserts. And my neck and… geekinpearls replied to your post: I survived Ikea. Many boxes of bits… effexordreams replied to your post: I survived Ikea. Many boxes of bits… I survived Ikea. Many boxes of bits were procured. I tracked and killed a wild… Stop Telling Married People How To Be Married I’m off to brave the wilds of Ikea and to maybe get a charburger. If I… southerncontradiction replied to your photo: JLA glass tonight. It is a Captain… zombrows replied to your post: zombrows replied to your post: zombrows replied…
  8. cognitivedissonance gallen replied to your photoset: Um… Too bad we can’t talk to Trayvon Martin… thepoliticalfreakshow: More: A law enforcement official tells @NBCNews that… I’m truly sad and enraged that Rick Santorum was not subjected to a lecture and… Dear GOP: timekiller-s replied to your photo: Nope nope nope nope nope - promotional… abiz206 replied to your link: Racist John Derbyshire Writes Most Racist Article… the-super-ego replied to your video: O_o NO…FUCKING…WAY Rick Santorum seems to… Don’t forget to vote! I’m interviewing Tim Wise on my radio show tonight!
  9. ghoulmann violentopinions: lakrymosa: jpegartifacts: I feel like it would be a lot of… jpegartifacts: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to… Crushing Opening of the Newest Napalm Death? Oracle, Google, and the Elvish Tongue UPDATE: Zimmerman is currently being held without bail. BREAKING: NBC News confirms George Zimmerman is in custody. There will be time. Measured out in coffeespoons, likely. Reblog if you run Linux as your primary desktop OS First Set of Blog Updates

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