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Essentially, it makes it a federal offense to be anywhere near, from being in the area or in the same building, somebody protected by the secret service. That’s from the President to candidates for political office (Romney or Santorum) to senior government officials to foreign dignitaries (G20). In other words, lots and lots of people. While being sold as a way to close a loophole in the current law regarding White House security, it is actually much more than that. It changed one word that made a world of difference. What’s the difference? To be arrested and imprisoned, all you need to do is be the same building or area around a person that has secret service protection. You don’t even need to know you are breaking the law to be arrested and imprisoned. If you are merely walking in an area “secured” for a person being protected, you can be legally jailed for up to one year. If you are carrying something that can be seen as a weapon (legally or not), that imprisonment can be extended to ten years. In short, if you are within the same building or neighborhood being secured to protect a political or foreign personage without their expressed permission, you can be imprisoned. HR 347: One more step towards Neo-Feudalism

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