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Tumblr Crush Report for Friday 3 March 2012

Have not done this in a some while. Cheers!

  1. Measure Twice, Cut Once Celebrate March 1 celebrity birthdays with these spirited quotes Gross vs. Net Exposure and the De-facto Invalidation of European CDS I Prototyped That Poorly Happy Bday TheCallus! Official Policy RE: Dead Jerks Sherlockians’ REAL Problem BEST Wife Inflation Mechanics
  2. randomactsofchaos mohandasgandhi: Eric Mancow and the internet have decided the Obama… BREAKING: US Senate agrees that women should have access to birth control… Nobody On Wall St Goes To Jail In Memoriam: Andrew’s Baddest Bites A lot will be written about Andrew Breitbart in the next few days… Rick Santorum’s Virginia mistake may prove critical URGENT: Google privacy policy change So apparently, the House is voting on the “Blunt Amendment” tomorrow, which… Texas TBagger Doctor Indicted In Largest Medicare Fraud In History
  3. Posthumous Baptism and Liberal Pluralism The Multi-Touch Chinese Finger Trap Saving Zelda Serious Biblical Interpretation Inside #Politics The Law Is The Law Hypocrisy or Heuristics? When Rights Conflict Federalist #78
  4. jmek pepperidgefarms: Moloch 4000 Years of Medicine ‎”A man once told the Buddha, ‘I want happiness’. The Buddha said remove the ‘I’… When I see Cancer Research adverts I just feel… How long do animals live? catcosby asked: It’s also worth mentioning that, as they don’t teach in social… Radiation absorbent material Anechoic chambers are commonly used in acoustics to conduct experiments in…
  5. squashed Occupy and the Libertarians Um … Can you just get some script installed to ensure you… Help me out here, guys Does government hurt the poor? The personal, the political Democratic shenanigans in Michigan? On Afghanistan A simple question A simple question
  6. citizenkerry accidentally discovering the loving world of gluten-freevangelists a southerner shares his thoughts on race relations, hicks, and barbecue i can’t decide if crowdsourcing is brilliant or just a way to avoid having an… do you know something about america that i don’t? blame it on evolution can you imagine running 12 marathons blindfolded? it’s good when people say no to you, and other lessons from elvis the march of the ducks tennessee is my italian vacation
  7. thisisjamesj moeisadreamer answered your question: Path? que eso? Es un app for iPhone… Path? moeisadreamer replied to your post: moeisadreamer replied to your photo:… moeisadreamer replied to your photo: thepast365: This is my sick face. I… kumako365jp replied to your photoset: There’s a new… supersurfjunkie replied to your photo: Pink Domo is going on a vacation! Wonder… rockrobsta replied to your photoset: The weekend. Wtf! It was cloudy all… Here goes nothing… Fittings at Oscar de la Renta
  8. ayjay some uses of words Jessica Martin on Paradise Lost A Prayer for Persons Troubled in Mind or Conscience for anyone who might be interested… . Richard Wilbur, “To the Etruscan Poets” Czeslaw Milosz, from “From the Rising of the Sun” Reverting to Type: a Reader’s Story I called it! some things I published this year
  9. mohandasgandhi I’ve officially given up trying to not get physically ill each and every… Eric Mancow and the internet have decided the Obama administration had Andrew… URGENT: Google privacy policy change Amnesty International | Iran: New report finds surge in repression of dissent somepolitics: jpegartifacts: anticapitalist: jpegartifacts: I’ve been going… sinidentidades: logicallypositive: the thing that, lately, has stricken me as… ruwlove replied to your quote: In a statement Monday, White House spokesman… evansknight replied to your post: Look at all these foreigners taking our… Look at all these foreigners taking our awards….

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