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Tumblr #Politics Editors

kohenari :

Looking at the new group of editors, I see some friends that I’ve made entirely from interacting via Tumblr (like Squashed and PoliticalProf, whose secret identities I promise only to reveal for a tidy sum) and even one of my real-life students, Justin Green (which means that the number of Politics editors from Nebraska is shockingly disproportionate; expect a lot of promoted content about corn, cattle, and the “I-Option” offense).

Of course, I’m also a bit sad that some of my other friends are no longer editing the tag. I think Ilya Gerner, Jeff Miller, Torie DeGhett, and Naum Trifanoff did some great work, all while a whole lot of people were yelling at them. I’m also sad to note that amongst the new slate of editors, you won’t find people of color, women, or anyone who lives outside the United States; I think that’s a very serious omission by the Tumblr staff, especially given the amount and the quality of political blogging on the Tumblr platform by people of color, women and non-Americans. There’s also not much ideological diversity. Say what you will about the previous slate of editors, at least you always knew you’d get a healthy dose of the Mises Institute with your morning coffee.

/thanks, Ari, for the commendatory words :)

Surprised, I was, this morning, when I went to click on “little star icon” and it was not there.

I must admit that in recent weeks I have not been as diligent in promoting #Politics posts. There have been stretches of several days where I did not traverse the Tumblr dashboard and promote a post at all. When I did conduct this task, however, I always strived to boost the insightful tidings that might have scrolled off the radar before enough eyeballs passed over them. Or, to simply keep banging on a slant that the establishment media, or even the internet “newsarati” may have scantly contemplated.

And secret confession time: I am much more curious about what is populating the Tumblr #politics “Popular” top ten board than tracking what is funneling in at any given moment.


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    kohenari : /thanks, Ari, for the commendatory words :) Surprised, I was, this morning, when I went to click on “little...
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