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Tumblr Search, Tumblr Tags, Tumblr Tantrum :-(

Spent several hours on a seventy-plus degree Saturday tagging the last 300+ posts and swapping out “Mastermind” section of notable writers and thinkers with a “Sections” section that contains links to “tagged” Tumblr posts. And in lieu of attacking a project list filled with all sorts of other tasks, joyous or rote. I do realize a design refresh is long overdue here, but every time I attempt it, my grandiose plans are thwarted in midstream by annoyance and frustration. Plus, I soon conclude that I like the basic simplistic, minimalist look here, even in spite of some of the inherent ugliness. But a makeover of the bottom portion of the site was direly needed, especially since the state of Tumblr search is frozen solid in matrix time, locked to February 2011, for most “current” updates. Dearest Tumblr overlords, can you at least publish a public word on your intent to (a) fix the brokenness or (b) announce the removal of this Tumblr blog “feature”?

Since this particular AZspot Tumblr inception, circa February 2007 (yes, it has been 5 years now!), I have relied on “Search” to find posts. First, before Tumblr implemented a search facility, I used Google’s “site:” syntax. But within a year I believe, Tumblr developer(s) created a search function and to this day, it’s inclusion detail is still included on the Tumblr how-to custom theme instruction page. Then one day its behavior appeared erratic and spotty. Sometimes omitting “matching string” results I empirically knew existed, at times truncating list of results, and other times redundantly listing entries. So I began to become reliant upon Google Reader and its search function (as well as adding some other Tumblr RSS I grew fond of). And this was a pleasant state until Google Reader started lopping off its search results. Thus, I ended up in a state where I cannot easily search my voluminous base of posts (30K+).

So, the Tumblr tag quest. Since Tumblr implemented tags, my proclivity for tagging has not been consistent. Mainly because I though “Search” should be able to ferret through the global “bucket” and return textual matches for me, textual matching being always cognizant in my forethought when creating Tumblr posts. But within the past year or so, I started to tag posts. Intermittently at first. Mostly of late. However, recent page restructuring, adding a “Sections” section, has lead to a major dilemma: I’ve been using “dashes” (or hyphen, whatever you term the ‘-’ character) to separate words within a tag. I was not aware, until today, that this breaks the Tumblr /tagged/:tagname setup. It seems it auto-magically exchanges the dashes for spaces, the spaces that should be the word separator. Silly old school me, expecting a tag to contain no whitespace!

Now it looks like I must rekindle my efforts to build a Tumblr search engine or at least revisit the API documentation to automate a tag repair mission. :(


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  3. letterstomycountry said: Tumblr’s search function is awful. I’ve had precisely the same experience of searching for posts with text I knew existed, but which fail to come up in the search. Diligent tagging is really the only viable tumbler-centric alternative as of yet.
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