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GoDaddy Alternatives

In response to queries incited by GoDaddy SOPA love.

Exploring these recommended registrars:

I see comments scattered about questioning why anyone would be using GoDaddy. Well, when GoDaddy burst on the scene, years ago, they offered a steep discount over what domains registration cost (I cannot recall the name(s), but do remember registration fees were ~$70 per 2 year period). And other than a brief trial, I did not make use of their “hosting” services — just domain registration. Despite consternation over the infusion of spam on their pages and tasteless advertising, I (both in personal and work business) stuck with them:

  • they are a local (Arizona) company
  • reliable, at least in the registrar game — essential as I had some encounters with work sites where patronage to obscure named, low price registar providers in foreign locales delivered nightmarish curtailments in service

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