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Enneagram Test


And I just discovered a fun new technique: an Enneagram test.

It’s a personality quiz that purports to identify strengths and weaknesses. The Enneagram Institute World Headquarters (doesn’t that sound like a cousin of Scientology?) claims that the Enneagram “acts as a kind of ‘mirror’ to reveal features of our personality that normally are invisible to us,” because most of us are on “automatic pilot.”

My friend Sondra’s been telling me about this for years, and I kept forgetting to sit down and learn more. I was reminded of Enneagrams this week, when Aarthi and I had dinner with a Hindu monk, who said that he finds Enneagrams fascinating.

Turns out I’m a 4.

I tallied a 5 — “The Investigator”.


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  2. martini2go said: I took the simple, free test this morning and came up with a tie between a 2 and a 7. This means I’m either enthusiastically into helping people or that I’m a raving egoist (is that even a real word?). Either one. Or both. ; )
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    …. Some how I came out as both 7 and 3…. awkward. Type Three The Achiever The adaptable, success-oriented type. Threes...
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    I tallied a 5 — “The Investigator”.
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    Will edit with my result =) Well I tied with 2, 3, and 7. So that means I’m a Helpful, Enthusiastic, Achiever? Sure why...
  7. withouttheh44 said: Definitely going to take this one! Love these tests!
  8. mrsgeiger said: that does sound very scientology-like! i love personality tests, too. i turned out to be a 2.
  9. bymelissa said: Hah, just took it. And I’m a four, also. Which is not surprising at all now that I read about being a four.
  10. snackajawea said: I’m a 4 too
  11. cupofchi said: haha. One of my friends had a book about this in college that we spent way too much time looking at. I think I was a 7?
  12. allleft said: Cool, thanks for sharing this
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