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How to be a Super Famous Blogger


First, let me say that I’m consistently flattered and amazed by the number of people who do read whatever scratchings I put up on the Internet.

Still, I occasionally wonder whether I could build the blog into something more … impressive. While I’m pleased with my follower count, I’m also aware that most of them are spambots and deactivated accounts. So … there’s room for improvement. There was a day when somebody important said I was the Best Political Tumblr. But that was 2008. Now? I don’t rank a mention on the spotlight. Not that I’m hurt or bitter or anything. (That’s actually mostly true.)

I suspect the primary reason I’m not a SUPER FAMOUS BLOGGER is because I just don’t care enough to put in the hours it would take or make the compromises necessary to get a bigger following. Or maybe I’m afraid of failure. But, for those who *want to be Super Famous Bloggers, I have a few rules you could follow. (I can’t be bothered to follow them.)

Everybody should be reading the fantastic Tumblr of squashed!

I do not conduct much self-promotion either and often, too, I am prone to posting content that infuriates the 95% that are usually pleased with the output tidings here at the AZspot ranch.


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    It tickles me that you would give your reply to my totally non-rhetorical question such consideration! And it is my wish...
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    Everybody should...fantastic Tumblr...self-promotion...
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    Domain Name so he can...Blogger” fund. Kickstarter…?
  6. the-quiet1-has-a-new-blog said: That last section is probably the most apt - but I for one follow you precisely because of that. Tumblr is filled with people happy to be part of whatever hivemind, and as such people who aren’t afraid to differ rank high with me.
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    Makes so much sense and I feel the same at times. When I first started a Tumblr I was like, I’m going to dedicate hours...
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