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PodcampAZ 2011

Join me in Tempe, AZ on November 12-13 for PodcampAZ 2011! See and meet the presence behind this online spot. And I am on the roster of speakers and presenters — I am presenting a session on Tumblr, scheduled for Sunday, November 13, at 10:15 AM in Room 204.

I gave a talk at Podcamp AZ 2010 titled “Tumblr 101” that was focused on getting up and running with Tumblr and fielding queries on what Tumblr could do for you. For this year’s unconference, I am going to host a more open ended session, having titled it “Connecting with Tumblr”. Depending on the constitution of the audience, the theme might waver between “What are you using Tumblr for?” and fielding queries on possibilities of the platform. If anyone has some pre-discussion ideas, propositions or questions, I am eager for the sharing (or leave a comment here in this webspace or via Tumblr reblog/reply)!

Don’t just come to see me, though. There is a fantastic assortment of incredible speakers slated:

And many fabulous others too numerous to enumerate here.


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