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Instagram Oops!

A sweet reply to these earlier posts, including one with the smashingly beautiful Mrs. Naum.

While it’s not the “first personal post” here, generally these sorts of mobile photo posts get logged here (or previously, before I scrambled passwords, here). I suppose I should plug my other Tumblr blogs, especially considering this space is approaching a 10K follower count while those have just a handful. Tonight, it looks like the Instagram app (or something with its Tumblr API interface) got confused and deposited these photos in this space.

At any rate, it might be prudent now to alert all who follow here, that they might be interested in these other Tumblr offerings (in addition to the sporadic mobile photo post blogs enumerated above), devoted to a more restricted, narrow band of subject matter:

  • AZcode — mostly links, quotes and videos about developer stuff, primarily web development

  • AZfaith — spillover for faith and spirituality posts that are a bit too theo-wonkish for here, or just to keep this space from being run over with religious content

  • — a dozen or so posts on Javascript, Lua and Ruby programming languages

  • — a short lived experiment, not given up for dead yet, where I plotted to build a collection of rule recipes for the Piecepack board game

And now, for a recent GPOY+W:


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